Thank you for your interest in my work.

As you can see on the pages of this website, I’m an editor and writer living in Cambridge, UK. I have also lived and gardened in the Pacific Northwest, eastern Canada, New York City, San Francisco, and on a ranch in Central California.

I began my career in Montreal at St. Remy Press, a book packager whose clients included Time-Life Books and the Smithsonian. From there, I moved to St. Remy Press New York, and then to Reader’s Digest Books in New York where I continued to edit illustrated non-fiction books. I became freelance in 1993 and have since worked as a writer, editor, and project manager for various publishers, as you can see on my
Book Editing page. I have also expanded into more general communications services in the area of evidence-based health promotion.

For the last 5 years I have also been a partner in a boutique spirits distillery,

I believe in fresh food, decent wine, good design, sustainable gardening, and doing what one can to understand and address environmental change.

My other interests include opera, books, theatre, tennis, rambling, and drinking the aforementioned decent wine late into the night with chatty friends.

I’m a mother of two: Maeve, 18, and Julian, 11.

Please feel free to look at my writing samples, some past and current projects, and my school and community garden blogs. In the coming months I’ll be blogging about life and gardens in my new home.

You can also find me on Twitter (@fionagilsenan) and Facebook.

May, 2011